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Michael Moore Essay Frame on ‘Bowling for Columbine’

Katie Eyres | Wednesday May 20, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Documentaries, Activities

Evaluating “Bowling for Columbine”


  • Does Moore mostly act in observational or proactive mode?
  • Why does he do this? To what effect?


  • How careful is Moore in avoiding stereotypes?
  • Is he careful or deliberate in his use of visual conventions and imagery?
  • In whose interests is he operating? How do we know?


  • How does Moore use: a) Editing, b) Filmic style, to create meaning?


  • Does the narrative simplify a complex issue? How? Why?
  • Does it try to create a “seamless cloak” from disparate elements? Why?
  • Does it create a false sense of closure? How is this achieved? To what effect?


  • Is there an explicit argument?
  • What “common sense” assumptions do the documentary make? Is this format successful? Why?


  • How does Moore position the viewer in relation to the subject? What is the authorial position / point of view?


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