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MEST2 Lifestyle Programming Synopticity Productions

Caroline Bagshaw | Thursday September 26, 2013

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA AS, Hot Entries, Television, Lifestyle Programming, Staffroom

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AQA Media Studies MEST 2 Coursework

New Brief for 2014: Lifestyle Programming

All of the MEST2 Coursework briefs for 2014 are available on the AQA website:

  • http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/subjects/AQA-W-TRB-MEDS-MEST2-13-14.PDF

There is also a Teacher Guide for the briefs available:

  • http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/subjects/AQA-2570-W-TRB-U02GUIDANCE-14.PDF

This document is intended to support teachers / students as they consider the new brief.  Articles on the other MEST 2 briefs are available on MediaEdu, together with specific articles offering advice on this coursework.

The Brief

  • You work for Synopticity Productions, a production company specialising in lifestyle programming. The company has had recent success with a cookery competition show and making segments for inclusion within magazine programmes on television. Your company wishes to capitalise on these recent successes and they are interested in generating ideas for new programmes. They are keen to develop programmes in alternative lifestyle areas or to support programming that takes a new approach to an already popular area.
  • The company sees the benefit of finding and appealing to a strong niche group as this can be a potentially very loyal audience. In addition, productions should demonstrate how sponsorship, product placement, merchandising or other commercial links could be developed.
  • You have been asked to create examples of your lifestyle programming ideas. You should use your examples to show how lifestyle products can be used to promote one another across the media platforms and how the lifestyle area could generate income through wider commercial links.
  • Below are some potential lifestyle areas although a creative and original response to the brief is encouraged.
    • Food
    • Fashion and/or Beauty
    • Travel
    • Interior Design
    • A specific hobby or
    • Another lifestyle area of your choice
    • Whichever tasks you choose to complete, you should create productions based...

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