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Media Language and Demonstrating Progress

Natalie Griffiths | Monday December 01, 2014

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This lesson is pitched to AS media levels E- B grade, it was delivered in line with AQA examination board (levels indicated below in brackets link to the students’ target grades).

Learning Objective: To confidently analyse media texts using media language

Success Criteria

  • All: Identify genre conventions
  • A-C grade: Discuss genre codes – technical, symbolic and cultural
  • A-C grade: Debate gender representations
  • A grade: Consider the impact of gender representations

In order to assess current levels before this lesson, students previously carried out an analysis of the conventional images found in the action genre below focusing their annotations on genre codes and conventions and the representation of women.

Students were given feedback on their previously annotated posters; they were given something specific to improve upon for their next analysis of a poster.  I gave their work a current level which corresponded with a coloured ID badge for the Hunger Games activity. By giving the students the coloured card it allowed me to place them in groups where the ability of each student was clear and differentiation was evident. Below are the two images that I included on the small card, I coloured the background of the cards red, green or purple – these were created in PPT and printed then laminated. Names were written on the laminated card as an ID badge linking to themes in the film. Images used below.

Each student was then given the following word bank:

The colours of the pyramid corresponded with the coloured ID badges. The next task was to annotate two more posters using my feedback from the last task and concentrate on improving their analysis by aiming to use more of the terms that were in the coloured section of the pyramid – which then matched their specific card.

Posters for Analysis

Focused comments on genre and representation of women

Group Work Task

The Hunger Games (2012) - Official Trailer


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