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Making a Quiz Show

jeremy | Monday June 08, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Television, Quiz Shows, Television Quiz Shows

Creating a television quiz show is one of the best ways of exploring televisual techniques in a television studio. It is difficult to make a television quiz show without a multi camera set up.

A Further Education College came up with the idea of a 20 minute quiz show, called What Do You Know Quiz Show? Further down the page is how they made it.

The class was divided into two teams of 12 people in each. Each team produced a 10 minute quiz show with the other team as the contestants. The teams changed around sharing the same TV studio set and technical set up.

There are the usual three stages in creating the show:

Preproduction - Production - Postproduction


is the time you spend getting together all the elements of the show. This includes:

  • devising a title and format
  • researching and writing the questions
  • choosing a question master and the contestants
  • designing and making a TV studio quiz set
  • deciding how best to record the show as a semi live event.

General research for the whole class started by asking them to watch and make notes on all the quiz shows currently or recently on broadcast and satellite television.

Students were asked to compare audiences and formats – for shows such as Countdown, University Challenge and Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

There was discussion about hybrid entertainment quiz show formats such as QI, and Have I got News for you which attract young educated audiences.

The What Do You Know Quiz Show

The Production team had to make several important decisions during Preproduction. The researchers were given the task of coming up with visual questions, which they created using a mix of quiz books and the Internet.

The production team had to:

  • Decide on who is the audience for this show – age and interests are important.
  • Who might be the broadcaster, e.g. BBC, ITV, Channel 4, FIVE or digital – this affects the running time of the show – ITV is ~22 mins, BBC is ~28 mins.
  • ...

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