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iTraining | Procurement

nicoleponsford | Sunday October 23, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, iTraining, Templates, Budgets, Procurement, Staffroom


How To Propose Procurement to SLT

You have been asked to be a Head of Department. Well done! Now you are middle management and need to get your department together. You have looked at MediaEdu’s iTraining Guides to Planning and Preparing your course. Now you need to resource it. This can be the tricky part as you are going to need to ask for money. Probably a lot. It would be an idea to read the Administration | Budget article and look at the template which goes with it. If you are thinking of looking at new computers, please see our Mac vs PC article. Here is a guide for you for you to get started.

1. You need to consider this as a business plan.

The Senior Leadership Team need to justify their budget. This is why you will have to complete an evaluation at the end of the year - this basically tells them how much money you saved them and how well the students have done as a result of getting these new things. When you are considering procurement, you need to think about value for money and the impact on learning. This is crucial. So if you are thinking of a suite of new Macs - you need to be able to explain why the students will get better grades when you buy these. You need to say how you have got the best deal - how it has saved money instead of you using something else.

2. What to buy?

It can be down to personal taste, and the experience of the Principal/ Senior Leadership Team you are dealing with. There really are arguments for anything you buy - be it cameras or laptops. Computers are the most expensive purchase. (See the Mac vs PC document for more details - INSERT LINK.) It is more than likely you will be arguing for Apple products, as most schools have PCs. It is good however, to be aware of both arguments so you are ready to discuss this. If it is down to hardware, there may be some ‘spare’ PCs knocking about in IT which you can use. To get Macs, you will have to get them new. I would recommend you go straight to...

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