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iTraining | Budget

nicoleponsford | Sunday October 23, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, iTraining, Templates, Budgets, Procurement, Staffroom, Equipment



There are two ways to look at this:

1. Before the course.

If you are at the start of this, you are in a great position. It may be that the Principal has asked you to set up this course from scratch. You have decided to go with AQA for example. Now what? First things first: money.

2. Once the course has started.

Ok. This is the more realistic of the two. Many teachers get asked to start the course and are too busy looking at specifications / freaking out / tying up other administration to think they could ask for money. I would go as far as saying don’t commit to ‘doing’ the course until you have enough money in the bag.


Your school will either have lots (£10, 000+) or little to none. If you are being asked to set this up, unfortunately, in my experience, you do need some. Stress that this is a multimedia course, and that technology is important. You will need access to laptops / computers / tablets pretty much every lesson and you will need software which is industry standard. Some schools expect students to use Powerpoint for magazine production. How does this help teach the skills your students will need if they want to have a career in this subject? No. Be firm. If you can get money - ask for more than you need.

There is a link to an article on How To Propose Procurement to SLT and Capitation Bid Form immediately below.

  • Link: How To Propose Procurement to SLT
  • Template: Capitation Bid Form.doc

This will help you to understand what you need to think about.

1. Breakdown of Major Specific Expenditure

This is the big stuff. Think about the nature of your students, teachers and school here.

How do you go about getting thousand of pounds worth of new equipment? Well, ask. You may want a set of iPads or Apple Macs.  It is worth going to your local Apple Store or see if there are any suppliers in your area. You may want a class set of cameras. For example, if Sony are near, try and set up a meeting. They...

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