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Improve Your Teaching | Two Year Course Guide

nicoleponsford | Wednesday June 22, 2011

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Hot Entries, iTraining, Improve Your Teaching, Staffroom

One of the major planning points in a teacher’s year is concerning a course. With changing specifications and curriculums, you can find yourself in the position of designing and redesigning media studies courses every year. So when do you do the controlled assessment? When do you tackle the skills training and when can you start the academic theory. Because you have more than a year, it can almost be too much time. Here are a few points which should help you consider, plan and execute that tricky two year course.

There are five key elements of the jigsaw to consider:

  • Introducing Key Concepts (Media Language, Audience, Representation, Institutions)
  • Combining controlled assessment and exam preparation
  • Introducing and securing assessment objectives
  • Securing marking and chasing time
  • Ensuring it fits with other classes/ practical subjects

Within each of the exam board courses, there is a breakdown needed of each topic or area.

If we take the present AQA GCSE Media Studies (Single Award) course, we have two units:

  • Unit 1: Investigating the Media is 40% of the total GCSE, examination in June and themed:
  • 2012 Television Crime Drama
  • 2012 The Music Press: Print and Online
  • 2014 Promotion and Marketing of Computer Games
  • 2015 Television News

How Do We Break Down The Topics? Which Stage First?

Identification of Brief

Identifying holistic view of form/ platform for controlled assessment or examination

Pre-Production / Research and Planning

Textual Analysis / Key concepts
Media Language/ Audience / Representation / Institutions

Production / Development

Production / Post-Production Skills
Critical Theory/ Ideology

Post-Production / Evaluation

Consolidation of knowledge
Decisions and revisions

  • Unit 2: Understanding the Media is 60% and is made up of three assignments, based on planning and research, construction and development, final production and evaluation.

Looking at the percentages, you can see that Unit 1 is 2/5 of the course and...

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