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Improve Your Teaching | Preparation

nicoleponsford | Tuesday August 09, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, iTraining, Improve Your Teaching

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How do we prepare the department?

Consistency is the bug bear of many a teacher. The dream of a common language amongst our peers! It can be used in terms of discipline, standards of marking or how we treat one another. Consistency is the mother of all abstract terms, when it comes to teaching. But how do we really achieve it within a department? 

The main aim of consistency is to be ‘outstanding’. Being consistent with our classes means being “fair?, being “prepared? and, most importantly, displaying “good practice?.  In Media Studies, it can be easier to be consistent. We normally are smaller departments, with smaller classes (or less across a year group). However, we need to also be able to show this. Consistency is not only action, but in words - or in paperwork.

Here are the two areas to start being consistent with:

1. Vision of department - administration and content
2. Preparation and Planning, linked to Schemes of Work, tracking and monitoring/ improving

So I will now go through a few tips and ideas to promote consistency, either for you as a Media or Films Studies teacher, or as a Head of Department. I have tried all of these and they have been successful. Some have been taken on as whole school approaches, and some across schools. Please feel free to borrow and bend.

Vision of the Department

What do you feel strongly about? Here are a few to get you started.

1. Media Studies is important to your students. You want them to be passionate about it, before they come into the class. It should be important to your team. Even if they have a specialist subject, they should have a team attitude and be enthusiastic about the course.

2. Distanced reading of the media. Students should understand that mediums are produced, and that media is money. Whatever they see, or hear, has (normally) been made with a profit in mind somewhere.

3. Free Speech. Students are free to...

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