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Improve Your Teaching | Planning

nicoleponsford | Tuesday May 17, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, iTraining, Improve Your Teaching, Staffroom

When you insert lesson planning into Google, you get 860,000 results [1] . If you then enter lesson planning media studies, you get 3,110,000 results. Not only is this bewildering starting point, but how do you know which is the best? 

When planning a Media Studies lesson, scheme of work or entire course, there needs to be a holistic understanding of what you are trying to achieve. You need to be in control and trust where you are going with things.

Improving your planning is more about improving your organisational skills. It is not about your teaching, although it will make a huge difference to it.

The Course Structure

Your course design needs to include:

  • Concepts to be covered
  • Skills to be developed
  • Learning Objectives
  • Possible Teaching activities
  • Learning Outcome
  • Resources
  • Time Frame

This is the framework for every scheme of work and every lesson [2]. This breaks down as:

Concepts to be covered

Within Media Studies (and Film Studies) the Key Concepts can be recognised as a MIGRAINE.

M - Media Language, Form and Conventions
I - Institution
G - Genre
R - Representation
A - Audience
I - Ideology / Theory
N - Narrative

Within all Units, in all Exam Boards and at all levels, these are the main concepts you will come back to.

[1] In 0.09 seconds for the geeks out there.
[2] Link to AQA GCSE SOW for Crime Drama by Rob Miller. This is an outstanding SOW and is a great exemplar for all Media Studies teachers.

Skills to be developed

These include Research, Planning, Construction, Evaluation and Analysis. Again all these concepts will be part of the journey. You will need to personalise this in your planning of lessons. This will encompass differentiation and help with in-department variation. An easy way to plan is to consider:

  • All
  • Some
  • Few

For example, in Crime Drama you are in Week 4, and wish to teach students the history of the genre. Each group has a decade to present. You will want them to develop both...

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