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Improve Your Teaching | Feedback: Student Presentations

nicoleponsford | Wednesday June 15, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, iTraining, Improve Your Teaching, Staffroom

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Feedback Student Sheet.doc

A huge part of your teaching day will be giving feedback, albeit on behaviour, discussion or practical work. One area which can be improved is feedback in terms of your students’ presentational skills. You probably give them clear commentary on their content, but it is of equal merit to guide them with their presentation of the work. The stages of feedback is to initially analyse, evaluate, reflect and then improve. You need to model, guide and encourage students to be confident in presentations. These are skills which will not only help with independent learning, and a great working atmosphere in your class room, but also support important skills for their future.

So, where to start? Feedback needs to be balanced. A good way to help is to keep things close to your CHEST:

  • Clear - choose three key points AT THE MOST in one feedback session. You may think of loads, but keep it concise.
  • Honest - they will respect you for it. Honestly.
  • Encourage - don’t over-praise. It is not the best presentation ever.
  • Specific Detail - make notes and write down expressions they use. Quote it back to them.
  • Timing - this can be the pace of their commentary, use of media or how they work as a group.

If you remember to structure feedback in this way, you can ensure that the commentary is balanced, helpful and they can understand what they need to do next time.

Keep in mind that you are helping them to improve for their next presentation. You know how you react to observations and feedback from peers. You want to hear what you did well, but also if you missed out on a top grade, you want to know how to achieve this next time around. Even better, if they know what they are looking for to begin with. Like all soft skills, we sometimes think the students will come into the classroom with this knowledge. It is always safer, it can be argued, to never assume. There are a few easy steps to support this...

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