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Improve Your Teaching | Assessment

nicoleponsford | Wednesday May 18, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, iTraining, Improve Your Teaching, Staffroom

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AQA GCSE Media Unit 2 Help Sheet.doc

Teaching The Levels: Assessment Objectives

The learning outcomes of a lesson are what the students are expected to know and be able to show. Our job is to:

  • show ‘what a good answer looks like’
  • tell the students why it is considered ‘good’ and what specific features contributed to that judgement
  • give some suggestions about what to do, or to include, in order to reach a similar standard.

Therefore linking the learning outcomes with the assessment objectives is crucial. I would advise you start with with the Assessment Objectives when you are writing your scheme of work. You need to think - how can I deconstruct this? What will we need more time for? What does a good answer looks like?

For each assessment objective, you can attack down over a series of lessons, or break it down in one. It is very helpful for candidates to understand what the different Level/ Grade responses look/ read like. If you have taught this before, wipe any names off the work/ ask permission to use in class, and go through previous work of students with your new class. Get them to mark it. This Assessment For Learning (AFL) task really helps everyone. I would suggest you ensure you have a relaxed pace for this and allow the students to get confident with their marking. If they know what a top grade answer looks like, if they know what is being asked of them, they WILL be able to create that type of answer. Honestly!

Applying The Assessment Objectives / Levels To Work (Using AQA GCSE Unit 2)

How can you ensure you are consistent with assessment? Firstly you need to be very clear what the the key words are and how this translates. You can use the AQA GCSE Unit 2 worksheet download to help (see Associated Resources above). Each assignment assessment objective asked for different things, in different ways. Be it ‘basic’ or ‘confident’, you need to show what this means. Your students will...

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