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How To Make A One-Minute TV Report

jeremy | Wednesday November 11, 2009

Categories: Television, TV Reports

How to make a one minute news report

BBC presenter Polly Billington explains how to make a one-minute report for TV news in five easy steps.

This video is part of the BBC News School Report project and accompanying website which encourage young people to make the news in their schools


By Polly Billington
BBC News

BBC presenter Polly Billington explains how to make TV news in a short video on the BBC News School Report website.

She demonstrates how to use five shots to create a one-minute report about a proposed ball ban in a park.

These guidance notes provide some extra tips to accompany the video.


Use and follow your storyboard. That way you won’t waste tape filming something you won’t use.

It also means you’ll spend less time looking through the tape before you assemble or edit the report.

Another advantage of the storyboard is that your team can make sense of the shot they are working on, by seeing where it fits in the overall report.


Try to find a good location that will help to tell your story.

If you are reporting on a proposed ball ban in a park, it makes sense to interview your guests in the park. It doesn’t help your report to film them in their home or office.

Remember, it may be fine to film in and around your school but to record anywhere else, such as parks, shopping areas and libraries, you’ll probably have to get permission beforehand.

Equipment check

Make sure your batteries are fully charged and that you’ve got a spare. The same goes for tapes. You don’t want to run out of either while you are gathering your news.

Now you’re ready to start recording, so make sure the ON button is on!


The first rule when doing any type of filming is to do it safely.

Think about your own safety and the safety of those you’re working with.

For example, tidy up any camera cables on the ground so that people don’t trip over...

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