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Honda Power of Dreams (Global Brand) 2003-2010

Rob Miller | Monday September 26, 2011

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC A2, WJEC A2 Media Studies, WJEC AS, WJEC AS Media Studies, Advertising, More on Advertising

  • Dramatically reduced advertising spend during 08’-10’ recession
  • High production values
  • Wide global distribution
  • TA – ABC1, Male skew, Aspirer, Urban.City living, 25-45 but dependent on model
  • E.G. Honda Diesel “Grrr? targets liberal, environmentally conscious families (advert 5 months in production)
  • Filmic representations e.g. The Impossible Dream



  • Key Focus – TV Advertising
  • Many adverts have become part of popular culture e.g. The Cog, Grrr, The Choir through use of intertextuality
  • Advertising Agency – Wieden and Kennedy (British production, American owned)
  • W and K clients include Nike / Sky1 / Pizza Hut
  • Japanese car giant – upmarket models e.g. Honda Civic/Accords
  • Suffered falling sales during 2008-10 recession

  • Currently (May 2010) developing The Impossible Dream into a higher production value commercial (reflecting the ‘end’ of the recession)
  • The Impossible Dream suggests a Road Movie in terms of genre
  • Adverts mix significant Product Image with Product Demonstration
  • Challenging stereotypical, generic car advertising
  • Intertextual, innovative references made to educated target audience in many commercials (Yellow Submarine, Thelma and Louise, Teletubbies, A Bug’s Life)
  • Contrapuntal sound common, sometimes anti-product advertising
  • Adverts – literary and self conscious
  • The Cog – award winning (Grand Prix at Cannes), 6 months to produce, no CGI
  • Other adverts – extensive, cutting edge use of CGI
  • Retro culture frequently used
  • Each advert has a mini-narrative e.g. The Impossible Dream is a journey through Honda products
  • Most adverts – 3 act structure
  • Masculine ‘aspiration’.

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