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History of Documentary Quiz

Katie Eyres | Wednesday May 20, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Documentaries, Activities

1. Where does the word documentary come from?

2. When and by whom was it brought to England?

3. What does the word documentary mean in French?

4. How did John Grierson later define the term documentary?

5. Who are the two people supposed to have made the first non-fiction films?

6. What were these types of films called?

7. How many reels of film did the Life of Villa use?

8. How did the documentary film begin to be used during the outbreak of war?

9. Who made the first example of a creative documentary?

10. What was it called?

11. What is the translation of Dziga Vertov?

12. What was Vertov’s approach to film called?

13. Who were the two other people involved in Vertov’s group called Kinoks?

14. What does Kino-oki mean?

15. What are three things that the Kinoks rejected from film making?

16. Name one other Russian film maker?

17. Who started the City Symphony documentary vogue?

18. When did John Grierson start making films?

19. Grierson believed that a documentary must be made in response to a _______ and must fulfil a _________?

20. When did US Government start sponsoring several social documentaries?

21. What did Roosevelt establish in 1938?

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