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G325 Section A Digital Technology and Creativity | Planning an A Grade Response Video Resource

Rob Miller | Thursday September 26, 2013

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR A2, Hot Entries, Admin, Staffroom, Exemplar Materials

This video resource provides an introduction to teaching OCR’s G325 Section A examined topic, Theoretical Evaluation of Production. Suggestions are made on when to introduce the topic (many centres find it useful to link it directly to a recently completed G324) with a structured breakdown of timings, content and approaches. Crucially, emphasis is placed on progression, specifically from Foundation to Advanced Portfolio and how the students can ensure that they are reflective and evaluative in their understanding of their own productions.

In particular, reflections on creative media practice are flagged up as a key area of assessment and how to embed theory into a Q1a response in 30 minutes as part of a 25 mark question,  focussing in this resource on Digital Technology and Creativity. Q1a is also referenced within the framework of whole G325 paper and the work of key theorists are introduced including David Gauntlett and Andrew Keen using relevant terminology e.g. the concept of the Prosumer, Web 2.0. the Long Tail, Proliferation and Convergence. Potential exam question areas are clearly identified.

Key phrases are explored that students would be encouraged to use in their response to a question on Digital Technology and Creativity, linking this to their own coursework. The idea of students evidencing their own proactive approach to their coursework is positively encouraged and the idea of developing work on from an early theoretical base. Embedded within the video is an example of audio-visual G325 coursework, a social realist film teaser trailer as stimulus material. The video acts as a learning tool for use at the beginning of teaching G325 Section A and perhaps also as a revision tool closer to the exam.

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