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Foundation Sitcom Mock Controlled Test

Keith Langton | Thursday June 18, 2009

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Other Topics, Situation Comedy, Staffroom, Mocks

Marking The Papers

In writing this paper, I have assumed that you are using it to support and check the work that you have done in class. Without wishing to teach my grandmother to suck eggs, I think if you are intending to use this as an exam paper, you might want to work backwards. Read the papers at the start of your teaching and then try to cover the areas that “might come up? in the Mock!

Again, I must emphasise that I have no connection with AQA Media Studies and that any ideas and tasks that appear here are purely my own invention. Over the last couple of years, I have been fortunate enough to be close with my predictions on the exam questions, but I cannot guarantee that this year.

I myself, teach in a medium size comprehensive school in Hampshire. I have a very mixed ability intake onto my GCSE course and in writing these papers, I have tried to write questions that my students would be able to answer and to include something for everyone. Of course, the main problem with an exam paper is that it simply cannot include everything, that is the nature of the exam system. Please feel free to edit, delete and augment my work here in any way you see fit in order to make the work useful to you and your students.

I have not included an “A grade looks like this? description for each question, a) because I don’t have the time and b) because I’m sure that you want to be more flexible than my descriptions, knowing your own students. If there is the demand for such descriptions, I may have time to do them closer to Christmas.

Feel free to email me with any comments: k_langton@btopenworld.com

Keith Langton – aka MrPuss. August 2007

Finally, remember that the ethos of AQA’s GCSE Media Studies course is one of holistic marking, so if a candidate mentions something in one Task that shows an understanding that appeared to be missing from another Task, reward them as appropriate. Try not to be too dogmatic in your marking....

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