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Richard Gent | Tuesday November 03, 2015

Categories: Community Q&A, Film Editing, Admin, Staffroom, Contribute

We would like to purchase Final Cut for our Mac suite. We have a limited budget. Does anyone know where we can buy this software for about 5 computers and how much it should cost? If not, what would colleagues recommend for Year 13 film editing which is affordable? Many thanks, Rebecca

It is approx. £200 from the Mac App store. If you buy 20+ then it is half price discount. We got 20 for £2000 - a lot of money, but we had the budget last year. So for 5 it would be £1000. If her Macs are updated to Mavericks OSX or higher, then they can use the new version of iMovie; which for student work is just as good and yields excellent results; it is also easy to get your head around. If they run older OSX you can still get iMovie, which will just be a slightly older version. iMovie is available from the App Store as a direct download (most schools will prob have ICT do it and install on their behalf). iMovie is free with new Macs, but if you have to purchase it is only about £12 or so with education discount - a big difference to FCPX £200! If a limited budget, it would be much better to go with iMovie. It’s easy to use, gets the same results (it’s about shot composition and understanding of editing after all, rather than any snazzy 1-click fixes) and you can get 5 for about £60! Greg Rushworth

I would try signing up for the teachers discount deal with Apple and enquire about the cost of the Final Cut X. Here is the link. Andrew Whyte

I would recommend that you use iMovie which comes as standard on all the Macs. You are able to do most things that can be done in FCP. The results and quality are just as good as FCP. Hope this helps. Emma Blake

We have it for 6 Macs at school. It was £225 per Mac as an app download via the App Store. Zoe Hitchens

Final Cut Pro X is on the volume licence scheme at £109 per seat but you need to buy 20 at least. The other option is 5 x £229. Final Cut is great but you can accomplish similar results...

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