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Exemplar BTEC L2 Lesson Plan | Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product

Rob Miller | Monday December 01, 2014

Categories: Nationals, BTEC Nationals, BTEC Nationals Level 2, Level 2 Creative Media Production, Production Zone, Video Production, Admin, iTraining, Templates

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  • Edusites Lesson Plan Template.docx

NB. Please note this is a suggested template, your school may require a different layout.

Length of Lesson (minutes): 60
Lesson Title: Introduction to Unit 2: Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product


This unit could typically be delivered 2 weeks before the October half term to allow pupils/students the opportunity of fine-tuning their pitches. It is internally assessed and should represent 30-guided learning hours with as much contact with industry practice as possible, before and during the assignment work.

Aims and Objectives

To introduce students to the requirements of Unit 2 and developing ideas of pitching a real media product to a real media client. Pupils will understand fully the requirements of Unit 2 but also begin to develop ideas of responding to a brief.

Sequence of Activity/Resources

  • Plenary Q&A to unit, explaining that it is about Planning and Pitching. Outline of 3 assignments, the final deadlines of which students place in their diary or planner. Targeted Q&A – what is digital media? 10 min
  • Presentation from a client (if the school is unable to locate a ‘real’ client then a brief is to be developed as realistically as possible in-house). Example: A Local Police Force is running a competition for students to make a short, digital 5 minute film to be uploaded to YouTube warning about the dangers of social networking for vulnerable young people. 10 min (using interactive viral digital media to address an issue prevalent on digital social networking media).
  • Activity 1: in groups, spend 2 minutes in one group discussing how to respond to the brief then each student moves to another table to share ideas. 10 min + 5 min feedback = 15 min
  • Plenary projecting a selection of pre-existing YouTube videos warning about the dangers of social networking as stimulus – discuss how UK culture could be referenced in predominantly US videos. 15 min


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