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Exemplar AS Lesson Plan | Introducing Representation in the Media

Rob Miller | Friday November 14, 2014

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA AS, OCR A Level, OCR AS, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC AS, WJEC AS Media Studies, Collective Identity, Key Concepts, Representation & Stereotyping, Hot Entries, Theory, Representation Theory, Admin, iTraining, Templates

Associated Resources

  • Edusites Lesson Plan Template.docx

NB. Please note this is a suggested template, your school may require a different layout.

Length of Lesson (minutes): 60
Lesson Title: Introducing Representation in the Media


This lesson would be an early introduction, in the first 2-4 weeks of AS to Representation as an area of study, fundamental to all Media Studies specifications. As such, it can be tailored to any exam board e.g. OCR G322 study could focus on TV Drama, WJEC/AQA could use the range of cross media stimulus.

Aims and Objectives

To introduce representation as an area of study by using cross media stimulus and to begin to embed key media language, with also limited theory at this stage. Pupils/students should understand the concept of stereotyping in the media by the end of the lesson but also be aware of alternative, challenging representations that can be deconstructed from textual analysis.

Sequence of Activity/Resources

  • Open Q&A – what is representation in the media?  5 min
  • Plenary – identifying key areas of study, with examples and projected slides to illustrate – gender (Zoella), national identity (media coverage of the Scottish Referendum), regional identity (Made in Chelsea), ability/disability (Oscar Pistorius and trial TV coverage), ethnicity (Glee), sexuality (Pride – 2014 film), social class/status (Downton Abbey), age (new ‘Q’ character in Skyfall, 2013 – also out gay actor), event (Danny Boyle’s London Olympics opening ceremony), issue (moral panic/concern over children and social networking). Targeted Q&A on initial reactions to stimulus. 5 min
  • In notes, pupils/students draw up a grid to record feedback from the activity below (it will later be turned into an online resource) but also include early examples introduced by the teacher.
  • Activity 1: In pairs, pupils/students are given cards with an event, text, character or narrative on and asked to verbally identify how...

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