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Edexcel A2 Media Communication and Production: Unit 4 Research & Development

Rob Miller | Thursday October 01, 2015

Categories: A Level, Edexcel A Level, Edexcel A2

Unit 4 is internally assessed and externally moderated. The unit requires learners to produce a range of ideas for a media production.

  1. The ideas need to be developed in response to a Brief.
  2. Each idea x3 should be initially researched for its practicality and viability.
  3. After initial research a preferred option will be chosen with justification based on primary and secondary research findings – then more detailed research will be undertaken.
  4. A pitch will be produced which outlines the production, its viability, audience and commercial viability.
  5. Finally, a treatment for the production will be produced evidencing exploratory material.

The Brief

Bauer, a global magazine publisher, recognises that the circulation of music print magazines is falling – in particular Kerrang! They want you to develop fresh ideas for three rock music magazine titles, one of which will be taken forward to be designed and published. 

Task 1: Research and prepare a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation on the existing rock magazine market to include:

  • Magazine publishers
  • Circulation figures
  • Primary and secondary sources of funding
  • A detailed demographic breakdown to include socio-economic and psycho-graphic audience segmentation
  • Online presence: URLs needed
  • The typical content of existing rock music magazines including genre codes and conventions in titles such as:
    • Kerrang!
    • Classic Rock
    • Metal Hammer
    • Rock Sound
    • Q
  • Undertake primary research into the target audience of rock music magazines, draft a 10-question questionnaire and present to a sample 10 of the target audience. Include open and closed questions to evidence quantitative and qualitative research. See sample questions below:
    • What do you like about music magazines?
    • How often do you purchase music magazines?
    • Do you read about music more online than in print?

Task 2: Annotate three existing rock music magazine front covers.

Summarise your analysis in 500 words explaining how the magazines communicate...

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