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Doctor Who Cross Media Case Study

jeremy | Saturday January 24, 2009

Categories: Television, Television Drama

A case study of Doctor Who as a cross media brand could look at ...

  • Broadcast fiction - new media impact on Doctor Who
  • The influence of Doctor Who on the genre of sci-fi in all media
  • Creating a popular brand – why has Doctor Who launched so much online activity and other media, and other series have not
  • Representation of women in Doctor Who assistants across media
  • A case study of the Doctor Who audience, including the influence of fans and internet forums
  • The impact of the BBC’s introduction of iPlayer on Doctor Who and broadcast fiction in general and the subsequent fragmentation of the audience

Associated contextual issues include:

  • The decline in broadcast TV advertising and the shift to online advertising, and how this is affecting ITV and Ch4, and what they are doing about it.
  • The impact on broadcast fiction of digital switchover, and the future of the BBC licence fee, post-2012.
  • The importance of TV Drama in keeping a channel’s audience – soaps, detective fiction eg Life on Mars. Family Drama like Doctor Who and specialist audiences for costume Drama and teenage Drama – eg Britannia High.

Doctor Who  - The Facts

Long running BBC TV sci-fi series originally ran from 1963 to 1989

Listed in Guinness World Records as the longest-running science fiction television show in the world.

Successfully brought back in 2005, produced by BBC Wales in Cardiff.

751 Doctor Who episodes have been televised since 1963

Won a BAFTA for Best Drama Series in 2006.

Doctor Who has spin-offs in multiple media, including the current television programmes Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures and the 1981 pilot episode K-9 and Company.

Current DOCTOR is David Tennant in the most recent series, which ran from 5 April to 5 July 2008 with specials into early 2010.

David Tennant announced at the 2008 National Television Awards that he will step down after appearing in the four Doctor Who specials in 2009-2010.

The new Doctor...

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