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Community Radio & Radio Production

Richard Gent | Tuesday October 18, 2011

Categories: Production Zone, Audio Production, Radio, Intro to Radio, More on Radio

Community Radio Stations or RSL radio – Restricted Service Licence Radio Stations exist in most communities.

They are excellent places to make contact with as they can present opportunities for students in terms of observing and participating in radio production.

Try local hospitals too as they often have internal radio stations.

Setting up an RSL is possible and is covered in Ofcom’s website and Ofcom’s Guide to Community Radio is a useful starting point. It’s more a legal job than a physical one.

A very good website is Moss Media. Equally - check out the Community Media Association.

Ofcom awards three new community radio licences

These sites contain pretty much everything you need to know about community radio.

Try and visit an RSL Radio Station at you local university or college as most have a student radio station. There are good ones at Sussex, Leeds and Imperial. They are all usually very happy to have visitors.

School Radio

Check out Radio Waves.

Radiowaves is the social learning environment that provides social media for education. It enables schools to create safe internet radio, podcasts, videos and blogs.

With a free Radiowaves website you can easily start school podcasting, join national campaigns and develop digital literacy skills.

Radio Waves have a section on their site which refers to School Podcast and Video Equipment. These days it’s possible to achieve great results with mobiles and there are many very good quality voice recorders available. Olympus have a range of digital recorders which are worth a look.

Synergy Radio is also a great place to help you get started with School Radio if you have a big budget for equipment and consultancy. The site contains some case studies you can read to see how other schools have approached School Radio Suites.

School Radio is another provider of equipment and advice.

Radio projects are an excellent way to develop digital literacy skills. Why not prepare to do a...

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