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CD Cover Scheme

| Thursday May 07, 2009

Categories: GCSE, Music, Other Topics, Skills, CD Covers

A Suggested Scheme of Work

This scheme of work is not in any way prescriptive, it is simply offered as a possible way in. It should be adapted and moulded to fit particular teachers, students and resources.

Week One

Students should carry out a textual analysis of at least 2 CD covers. At least one must be related to the genre of music they are studying.

Example CD covers can be found on here, along with the helpsheet.
Students should ensure that they have taken suitable original images so that they can be utilised in week two.

Week Two

Students are shown how to use Adobe Photoshop and how to perform basic tasks in the software.

Students should concentrate on producing a front and back cover for their new artist/band.

Students should ensure that their album cover is conventional with the genre of music it is supposed to represent.

Week Three

Students should continue with their CD covers.

They should ensure that the front cover fits in with convention.

The back cover should contain track listing and appropriate record logos.

Week Four

Students should focus on completing their CD covers ensuring that they are conventional to the genre they are focusing on.

Students should then investigate an appropriate record label to produce their CD. Why have they chosen that particular label? How does it represent their genre of music? Who else is signed to the label they have chosen?

Week Five

Students should complete their CD covers ensuring that it is conventional.

Students should then start on their evaluation for the CD covers.

Week Six

Students should have completed their CD covers and by progressing on their evaluations.

Students should aim to have completed their evaluation and submitted all their work.

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