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CCEA GCSE Moving Image Arts Component 3: Planning and Making a Moving Image Product

Rob Miller | Tuesday August 18, 2015

Categories: GCSE, CCEA GCSE, CCEA GCSE Moving Image Arts

Welcome to the final controlled assessment component of the CCEA Moving Image Arts GCSE qualification – it is worth 40% of the overall GCSE and is based on a theme that CCEA publish on their microsite (click to download controlled assessment task). The 2014-2016 theme is Connection. A good way to start this component is thinking about what connection means.

Study the following images and think about what sort of connection is occurring – is there a link between objects, places, people or even thoughts? Some obvious connections first then…

Did you spot the films? The answers are at the end of this resource.

They are all science fiction – this component gives you an option of basing your controlled assessment on any one CCEA scenario from one of the set genres. We will be basing our response on the science fiction scenario, although all of the work below can be easily mapped onto other genres.

Key Facts

There are four parts to this controlled assessment that we will work through chronologically:

  1. Research Analysis (10)
  2. Creative Pre Production Planning and Organisation (20)
  3. Creative Production and Post Production (40)
  4. Evaluation (10)

You must work individually but you can and probably will collaborate with your peers on the film making part

You have a choice of live action or animated film production

Your controlled assessment must be submitted to CCEA in digital format

No films must be shown for research purposes higher than the 15-certification BBFC classification.

You will be assessed on Thinking, Planning, Making and Evaluating.

Sample Science Fiction Scenario

Your work will be based on the sample.

A group of young boys and girls, aged between 14 and 19 are walking though a housing estate when suddenly they see a flash of light and hear an eerie unrecognisable sound. Yhey stop immediately in their tracks but curiosity gets the better of them. They all edge forward, nervous but wanting to know what they...

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