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Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2 Unit R082: Creating Digital Graphics

Rob Miller | Wednesday July 08, 2015

Categories: Nationals, Cambridge Nationals, Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2, Level 1/2 Creative iMedia, Award J807, Certificate J817, Advertising, Marketing, Key Concepts, Digital Graphics, Hot Entries, Posters, Skills, Key Tutorials, Software, Photoshop


Welcome to the Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia course – they are designed for 14-16 year olds to give you experience of what it is like to work in media industry sectors like Graphic Design.

This unit is based on a brief and asks you to create a “digital graphic that will be used to promote a film festival? – this means you will be designing an A3 Portrait Film Poster like the ones below that can also be uploaded to a website!

Portrait Examples

Landscape Examples

You will learn a lot with this unit and have great fun:

  • Developing your creative skills by learning how to use brilliant, industry standard software like Photoshop.
  • Understanding how to respond to a brief – just like if you were, or will be working in the Graphic Design industry.
  • Understanding where and why digital graphics are used.
  • Understanding how to develop creative production work that responds to a time frame and a deadline (very important!).
  • Be aware, most importantly about need for planning and technical preparation - this unit builds on the other mandatory unit (mandatory means you have to do it to pass the course) RO81 – Pre Production Skills (written paper).

Before we move on and look at the brief and then break down what you have to do as Assignments/Tasks, see if you can identify the following digital graphics – the digital media sector often relies heavily on visual images for brand recognition:


OK – you’ll have what is called ‘30 Guided Learning hours’ to complete Assignments/Tasks based on the brief below that has been adapted (this is allowed by OCR) from Assignment Banks on their website. (Assignment Materials).

The Brief

“The local authority is planning to organise a film festival that highlights work by local filmmakers but also celebrates the work of existing UK producers and directors – to ensure the festival has a unique selling point (USP) a theme of cultural diversity has been suggested meaning...

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