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BTEC Level 3 Creative Media Production: Television and Video Studies

Rob Miller | Monday February 25, 2013

Categories: Nationals, BTEC Nationals, BTEC Nationals Level 3, Level 3 Creative Media Production, Hot Entries, Production Zone, Video Production, Television

Assignment 1 & Learning Outcome 1: Understand the structure of the Television and Video Industry in the UK.

This assignment is related to the following key industry areas of Television and Video in the UK:

  • Organisation & Ownership
  • Income Generation
  • Systems and Technologies
  • Regulation

Organisation and Income Generation

  1. Name a Public Service Broadcaster
  2. What is PSB? 200 Words
  3. What are the debates on whether PSB is relevant today? 100 Words
  4. Identify 3 Commercial Broadcasters. How do they obtain their revenue compared to the BBC? What debates recently have there been about Product Placement on Commercial Television? 100 Words
  5. Bullet points the key benefits of Sky1 e.g. franchising, merchandising and spin offs.
  6. What is a Multi-national Media Conglomerate with 4 examples. Give 5 well know organisations/companies that they own. 100 Words
  7. What is the difference between a monopoly and an oligopoly with examples?
  8. What is the difference between vertical and horizontal integration, with examples?
  9. With 3 examples, what is an Independent Production Company? Name 4 TV programmes they make.


  1. What is Channel Proliferation and Multi Channel TV?
  2. Identify when and how Multi Channel TV came about (research the 1990 and 1996 Broadcasting Act).
  3. How is the Internet now being used to broadcast television programmes?
  4. What is the different between satellite, digital and cable?


  1. What does the terms regulation and de-regulation mean?
  2. What does desensitisation mean?
  3. How has the concept of the Watershed become blurred?
  4. What are the main roles of Ofcom and briefly the ASA? 250 words

Assignment 2 & Learning Outcome 2: Know about the key issues and debates that affect the Television and Video Industry.

Using The Undateables or CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as a case study you are to investigate why each programme is important to each broadcaster and how each text raises issues of taste and decency, quality and standards, audience ratings,...

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