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BTEC Level 3 Creative Media Production: Speech Package Production

Rob Miller | Friday February 22, 2013

Categories: Nationals, BTEC Nationals, BTEC Nationals Level 3, Level 3 Creative Media Production, Hot Entries, News, Other Topics, Production Zone, Audio Production, Radio, Radio Podcasts, More on Radio, Podcasts, Podcasts for Students, Podcasts for Teachers

Assignment 1 & Learning Outcome 1: Be able to identify opportunities for producing speech based packages for factual and news radio programmes.

  1. List those radio stations which consist entirely of speech based programming.
  2. List 10 -15 radio stations that have music but some speech based programmes.
  3. List the types of radio speech packages and give an example. You must include: i. News and Current Affairs Programmes (live reports, news bulletins, interviews); ii. Features (magazine programmes, documentaries); iii. Entertainment based (phone-ins, debates, interviews, drama)
  4. For each type listed above, pick some (1 or 2) examples from different stations and explain the audience, style and purpose.

Analyse, with full justification, two radio speech package productions, answering these questions:

  1. What is the station and who is their audience?
  2. What is the purpose of the product?
  3. Who is the target audience?
  4. How does the product try to target the audience? (vocabulary, mode of address, pace)
  5. How effective is the product in meeting its aims/purpose?

To help with 1 - 5 above you should discuss the following:

  • What is the running order? (how is the package sequenced and structured…narrative theory?)
  • Links / Script (How and how well do the links introduce the pre-recorded extracts?  How does the script introduce and conclude the package and keep the narrative flowing, moving neatly from one point to the next?)
  • Is it “in situ?? Is there any background atmosphere (sound effects and actuality)?  What effect does this have?
  • What purpose does music play in the production?
  • What voice techniques are used? (level / pitch, gender / race / age, accent?)
  • Grammar - how is English used…conversational, colloquial, lubricating phrases?
  • What is the pace (tempo) and delivery (format, mode of address) of the product?  What effect does this have on the audience?

Where to find speech packages:

  • For this assignment News is counted as a form of speech package. ...

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