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BTEC Level 3 Creative Media Production: Advertisement Production for Television

Rob Miller | Thursday February 21, 2013

Categories: Nationals, BTEC Nationals, BTEC Nationals Level 3, Level 3 Creative Media Production, Advertising, Marketing, More on Advertising, Viral Advertising, Hot Entries, Television


Advertising is all around us and is integral to everyday life. It is one of the largest sectors of the media industry, adverts being presented in a wide range of media, such as television, film, radio, magazines, posters, billboards, the press, and the internet.

Of all of these, television advertising probably has the highest profile, some television advertisements being so effective and memorable that they become classics and part of the cultural background for a whole generation of viewers. Television is used to market almost every product one can imagine from everyday consumables like washing powder to extravagant sports cars, whilst some advertisements promote a service such as insurance, banking or vehicle breakdown cover.

Television advertising has become more and more sophisticated, utilising the very latest digital production techniques. Content and style can be simple or complex, using traditional narrative structures or less obvious surrealist imagery, and messages can be overt or understated. There seems to be no single approach that can be said to be more effective than another.

This unit starts by considering how advertisements are structured, how they try to work and how persuasive messages can be constructed. Understanding these things will create a firm basis on which to plan the production of advertisements for television as well as enabling learners to become more discerning consumers.

Through research and analysis, learners will examine advertising production and explore the relationship between audience, medium and message. Advertisers invariably aim at a highly specified target audience which, it is hoped, will associate with a particular brand and so choose to buy it. An understanding of how those audiences are thought about and how they are found is therefore essential.

Learners will develop practical production skills and learn how to plan, produce and monitor production through to a completed...

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