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BTEC Level 2 Unit 3: Digital Moving Image Production

Rob Miller | Wednesday June 17, 2015

Categories: Nationals, BTEC Nationals, BTEC Nationals Level 2, Level 2 Creative Media Production, Hot Entries, Production Zone, Audio Production, New Media Production, Video Production, Web Production


This BTEC portfolio assessed unit asks you to do three things:

  1. Understand the key features used in three types of Digital Moving Image Production – fictional, factual and promotional. Our suggestion is that you complete this part as a PowerPoint or Prezi audio-visual report that links to video clips and has screenshots to illustrate.
  2. Understand the technical construction of one Digital Moving Image Production: Our suggestion is you complete this part as a written ANALYSIS in Word, again with URL links and screenshots to illustrate.
  3. The practical bit – plan, film, edit and evaluate a 5 minute Digital Moving Image Production: Edexcel (the exam board) say “it is advisable for students to refer to the material created for Unit 2?. This means your product will be a short, digital 5-minute film to be uploaded to YouTube warning about the dangers of social networking for young people.

Digital Moving Image Production Tasks

It is important to follow these tasks in order.

Understand the key features in three types of Digital Moving Image Production

Let’s make this straightforward – you are going to produce 5 PowerPoint slides or Prezi pages for fictional, factual and promotional media (3 different presentations) covering the following areas:

  • Format, Platform and Purpose
  • Target Audience (in depth)
  • Genre codes and conventions
  • Narrative
  • Representations

Fictional Presentation

Analyse the Official COD: Ghosts Live Action Trailer (2013)

Resources to help you:

Blip Talk: Call of Duty Review

Polygon: Call of Duty Ghosts Review

Kill Screen: What can the viral marketing around Call of Duty: Ghosts tell us about the game itself?

Slide 1: Format, Platform and Purpose - FPS, Action Adventure, Triple A, Xbox 360…….the purpose could be entertainment/persuasion (think deeper!).

Slide 2: Target Audience – uses demographics, socio-economic audience categorisation and demographics to fully identify the audience.

Slide 3:...

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