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BTEC L3 Creative Media Production Unit 6 Critical Approaches Games Industry

Rob Miller | Thursday October 23, 2014

Categories: Nationals, BTEC Nationals, BTEC Nationals Level 3, Level 3 Creative Media Production, Games, Computer Games, Video Games, Hot Entries, Production Zone, New Media Production

Learning Outcomes Linked to Video Games

  1. Understand how media producers define audiences for their products (tutor led, small research projects – learning about audience segmentation/targeting and audience research as it relates to Video Games producers and audience).
  2. Understand how media producers create products for specific audiences (case studies on 1 independent Video Game and 1 mainstream Video Game).
  3. Understand how media audiences respond to media products (surveys, questionnaires and focus groups relating to Video Games and media effects debates about Video Games).
  4. Be able to develop responses to media products (in pairs, analysing Video Games in terms of constructing meaning using learnt audio-visual language. Understanding narrative and representation across a range of genres, or same genre and platforms e.g. RPG, Children’s Games, Educational, App Game, Dance – 5 recommended per pair. The same genre can be used if required. This is followed by recorded presentations and discussion).

Edexcel: “When teaching this unit, tutors may choose to focus on media products from various industries, or on products from one industry?. This unit will focus on the Games Industry.

Assignment 1: Video Game Audiences

You have been asked to undertake research and write a report (500 words), or alternatively film a 5 minute long video log reporting on changing Video Game Audiences for Gamescom 2015 - the world’s largest expo for Video Games held in Cologne, Germany annually. You need to ensure all of your research is documented including primary and secondary before you write your report/film your video log and you should address the following questions:

  1. Referencing at least three examples, how has the gender skew of Video Game audiences changed in the last 10 years? Remember to reference genre and platforms in your study.
  2. Identify three different ways that Video Game producers target audiences in terms of audience categorisation....

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