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nicoleponsford | Saturday October 22, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, Teacher Zone, Admin, iTraining, Blogging



A blog is a web based publication, or a web - log. A blog is established by the creation of journal like pages. These pages can contain typed copy, images, audio and video which are posted onto the site. Each ‘post’ can be commented upon. This can be done as peer reviews, when a teacher or student posts a piece of work and others can add to it. For subjects like English, Media and Film Studies, blogs are used more for students to create a working portfolio - with frequent updates and they can upload all their planning, research, production work and evaluation. A moderator can then access this all to mark, instead of hard copies. This is probably why you are reading this.

Blogs used to be a means of publishing your thoughts online. Now it is more than that. In a classroom setting, it provides opportunities to reflect and review in a medium the students are passionate about. It really needs a time commitment from the users, rather than technical know how. Once you have created a blog - given it a name, chosen a template and written your first post, there are a few keys things to work out - and then you are blogging.

The first is to choose what you are going to have on your blog.

Teacher Blog

You will be creating this to either upload work yourself, or to keep an eye on your students’ blogs. I warn you, even if you do not start out with the intention of writing a blog, you will slowly find yourself drawn into it. There are some examples below, and you will see bloggers tend to incorporate:

1. Posts about upcoming lessons, independent work / homework and links to interesting sites.

2. Links to other blogs / websites in a side bar.

3. Links to the students’ blog.

You can include video and images into your posts, and you can create links to other web addresses. A blog is a great classroom tool as you can upload lesson ideas from your mobile, and students can access these 24/7. If your school virtual learning...

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