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AQA NEA Advice The Body Spray One

Emily Prentice | Monday November 18, 2019


Well first of all bravo to anybody who has got this far!  This is a VERY interesting challenge that has some real banana skins in it but could be a terrific fun project for the pupils if they get the requirements and the technical challenges clearly in their viewfinders.

At my school, this is the one that has bamboozled a fair few and sent them sprinting in the opposite direction and it really does need a bit of context before they get deep into it because it might be very easy to create a great product that doesn’t really fit the criteria.

Key Facts

  1. It’s a television ad!  So there will be filming involved!
  2. It’s for a body spray – not an aftershave or a perfume
  3. The adverts must must must show aspiration and a successful lifestyle
  4. 60-80 seconds long
  5. Audience is themselves! 14-18 years – don’t get this view wrong
  6. It’s not about how amazing the spray is! See point 3!!!


It’s absolutely essential that the students have a good grounding in this type of existing product so a foray into the world of body spray brands and how they market their products would be a good introduction.


  • Trawling through the interweb for body spray adverts might not be the best way to go about this. 
  • Instead, it might well be more useful for students to dig in and try to research the host of perfume and aftershave adverts that exist and which often attempt to convey this sense of luxury, sophistication and gilded life the examiners will be looking for their adverts to represent.
  • Think about adverts that have starred Natalie Portman for Miss Dior, Scarlett Johansson for Dolce and Gabanna or Charlize Theron’s J’Adore offerings.
  • Obviously the board won’t be expecting helicopters and golden rooms, but these types of adverts give off a sense of aspiration and the feeling that the protagonists belong in a rarefied bubble of exclusivity and achievement and limitless life potential.  So try and think about that ambiance.

Focus Is Key


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