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AQA NEA Advice Homepage For A Music Artist

Emily Prentice | Monday November 18, 2019


This is a task that may seem reasonably straightforward at the beginning but is actually marbled with some quite challenging features...so pay attention!

The Deets

  • one webpage/homepage
  • must be new band/solo artist
  • one linked page
  • 30-second video teaser for upcoming single
  • original logo
  • one original image on each page

Key Teaching Points

  • You are trying to get the students to build the brand.  Don’t send AQA a website of one of your pupils dressed up as the singer of Green Day and a rip off video of American Idiot. It’s all meant to be original.
  • They are not aiming at existing followers.  Look again at the brief.  Highlight the keywords ‘potential fans.’  Try and embed this into the pupils as they begin their research and planning. Don’t have the band listed on the website as playing dates at the Huddersfield Enormo-Dome, capacity 17000. It’s an ‘Up and Coming’ thing.  
  • It’s a teaser video (See Part 2 for more on video conventions)
  • As always, and very clearly for this visual task, representation is key.  
  • The website homepage needs to be very clearly delineated from the linked page.  Don’t have the examiner scrolling through long vertical pages trying to decipher which ends where. In fact, don’t have vertical webpages full stop.  They’re not designing $400 training shoes for an avant-garde pop up shop in Sacramento that’s only open for 12 minutes at 3AM.

Research Is Key

An analysis of a wide range of existing artists’ web pages is the obvious and essential jumping-off point.  While most of them will be formatted in a relatively similar way (Menu/Gigs/Merchandise/Social network/Thumbnails etc), it is vital to see how the artist is suggested. 

  • Look at colour palettes – What feeling is represented?
  • How is the artist dressed? Direct Address?
  • Do they interact with other people?

The Different Styles Of Teaser Video

For pupils who are confident in trying to develop their response into something more sophisticated,...

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