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AQA MEST4 Media Studies Linked Production Piece Vampire Genre Film

Rob Miller | Friday October 24, 2014

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA A2, Hot Entries, Production Zone, Video Production, Theory, Genre Theory

Associated Resources

  • Storyboard Frame Sheet Template.docx
  • Call Sheet Template.xls

Linked Production Piece - A 5 Minute Opening Sequence for a New Vampire Genre Film

AO3 – Demonstrate the Ability to Plan and Construct Media Productions Using Appropriate Technical and Creative Skills

This production directly links with the Critical Investigation into the Evolution of the Vampire Genre. Importantly, for level 4 (25-32 marks) the production must have high production values (developing from AS) and demonstrate highly competent use of technology. Crucially, a significant understanding of notions of institution and applied genre codes and conventions must be evident, in this case the vampire sub genre (of horror).

All students will be independently researching and developing their own Critical Investigations that should be linked to the production e.g. Genre Conventions in the Vampire Genre, Narrative and Characterisation in the Vampire Genre or Audience and Institution and the Vampire Genre. However, it is possible to undertake the production as part of a group and in relation to filming the following roles would be appropriate:

  • Editor – for purposes of narrative continuity there needs to one Editor. The whole group will contribute creatively to the editing of sequence but one member of the group will physically complete the work. In some circumstances e.g. student absence then the role of the Editor can be taken on by another student which means it is always important to have the work open access on the editing software at college and not at home.
  • Camera Operator 1, Lighting and Sound
  • Camera Operator 2, Lighting and Sound
  • Director/Producer plus Storyboard/Script Development, Narrative Voice Over (where relevant) – for this student project a separate Director and Producer may lead to conflict. The role involves the organisation and coordination of the filming, the chairing of meetings but also artistic decision making based on...

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