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AQA MEST2 Music Promotion

jeremy | Monday July 19, 2010

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA AS, Hot Entries, Music, Music Promotion, Other Topics

Unit 2 Creating Media

This is the course work unit and here we are looking at just one of the three briefs. It is the new brief for students to complete by May 2011. All teacher-assessed marks to be returned to AQA by 10 January 2011 or 15 May 2011

MediaEdu pages that will help with this module:

  • Popular Music Promotion
  • Understanding Advertising
  • CD Cover Design & Analysis
  • Production Zone – Video
  • Music Video Pre-Production
  • Digital Cameras and Photography
  • Producing Printed Image Texts
  • Music Press Audience

Brief Three from AQA

‘You work for the marketing department of a small record company called Nutune Records, and are involved in the promotion of a new band/musical act for their forthcoming debut album and twelve date tour.

As part of the promotion the act needs to create an image that will allow them to appeal to an audience with an interest in an established musical genre. The marketing materials should also contribute to constructing a recognisable brand for the act.

You are targeting a largely youth-based market but are keen to promote the act in a way that will appeal to more than just a niche audience.

The act already has a Facebook and MySpace presence which has generated some interest and the record company now wishes to use more mainstream marketing techniques to reach a bigger and a more diverse audience.


Students choose TWO of these tasks.

(a) Broadcasting

Create a two to three minute informative promotional video that will be added to the acts MySpace and Facebook pages and be downloadable from the official website. The video should provide biographical information about the act and be focussed on defining the genre and creating a definable brand for the act. The video should include information presented in a documentary/news report style. It should not be a music video for one song.

(b) Print

Create a print based campaign promoting the album and the tour. You can choose from the following or create other...

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