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AQA Media Studies MEST3 Revision New and Digital Media Example Question

jeremy | Saturday May 22, 2010

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA A2, Hot Entries, New Media, Digital Media, New Technologies


“Digital media have, in many ways, changed how we consume media products?.

  Who do you think benefits the most – audiences or producers?

Benefits for Audiences

With ‘convergence culture’ audiences benefit because:

  • They have a wealth of information available at all times via broadband, wi-fi and multi platform mobile devices such as the iPone and Blackberry.
  • Availability of interactive features - Social Networking Sites (SNS) such as Facebook, and the 140 character blog Twitter, and internet blogs. Also Skype for long distance phone calls, and email.
  • On demand media content means music, feature films, radio and television and all the content of the internet are available on a laptop with wi-fi.
  • News comes from newspaper online sites, RSS feeds, blogs, and news organisations website such as BBC News who also supply podcasts
  • Missed a television programme – no problem it is available for at least a week on the BBC iplayer, and the other mainstream channels have similar devices
  • Convergence means that all digital content can be accessed in one place for the cost of broadband or subscription via Sky or Virgin or on the move via a device such as an iPad or notebook computer.
  • Want to show the world your latest video – just upload it to YouTube and it is there for all the world to see
  • Trying to break into journalism – think about Citizen Journalism –send your report and pictures of a newsworthy event to a news organisation or dedicated site such as the Huffington post and they are more than likely to publish it – no fee but plenty of kudos. This is a way of democratising the media and making content free from traditional gatekeepers
  • Podcasts, forums and blogs allow ordinary people to have an interactive relationship with the media offering more democracy
  • New developments include the hybrid television where SNS, emails and the internet are accessible on your TV screen – so watch the world cup, comment to your...

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