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AQA Media Studies MEST3 Critical Perspectives Sec A BGT Exemplar

Rob Miller | Thursday August 27, 2015

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA A2, Key Concepts, Audience, Genre, Ideology, Media Language, Narrative, Representation & Stereotyping, Hot Entries, Magazines, Gossip Magazines, New Media, Synergy, Television, Reality TV, Television Industry, Admin, Staffroom, Exemplar Materials

Section A Unseen (32/32)

You must read the information provided for Section A in great detail. You will be given approximately 15 minutes to study and make notes on the two texts. These notes will not be marked during the assessment process. You must spend 45 minutes answering the three compulsory questions in detail.


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9aXhfT1pfs
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdZL_UyBpWU

The first clip is from Britain’s Got Talent, first broadcast on ITV1 in April 2014 and featuring impressionist Jon Clegg impersonating Jimmy Carr, Homer and Marge from The Simpsons, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell. Britain’s Got Talent is made by Thames Productions, distributed by Freemantle Media in association with Syco TV. The second clip is from the American, entertainment industry news website The Showbiz 411, created and edited by Roger Friedman. From February 2014, it focuses on news of the birth of Simon Cowell’s son Eric on Valentines Day and is entitled ‘Baby Cowell’.

1. How is media language used in the two clips to engage the audience? (8 Marks) Extended response to question 1 to develop a full understanding of textual analysis.

Both clips explore similar subject matter with The Showbiz 411 extract exclusively focussing on the star marketing of Simon Cowell in the light of the ‘showbiz narrative’ about the birth of his newborn son, Eric. Both clips use high key lighting, saturated primary colours and have an upbeat mode of address to appeal to a primary audience of young, female fans of celebrity culture.

At the opening of the BGT clip, along with a dynamic mode of address (a typical convention of talent shows) an upbeat non-diegetic soundtrack accompanies and anchors the visual images. Immediately the iconic brand logo of Britain’s Got Talent fills the screen, foregrounding British national identity as a talent show that is globally distributed. The ‘A’ of ‘talent’ is modified to have...

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