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AQA GCSE Media Studies Unit 3 Exploring Media Industries Student Resource

Rob Miller | Monday August 17, 2015

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Film, Film Industry, Key Concepts, Audience Consumption & Platforms, Audience, Institutions, Censorship & Regulation, Ownership, Media Language, Regulation, Magazines, New Media, Integration, New Technologies, Synergy

This resource is intended to be used in conjunction with the Unit 3 Mock Exam and Insert on the Edusites subject Overview page. Click on AQA GCSE MS Unit 3 Mock Exam (and Attachments for the Exam Insert).

Who is this?

I am thinking you may recognise this company?

I am certain you will be familiar with this 2015 film

The connection is that Jurassic World (2015) is produced and distributed by Universal Studios (they own the rights to the film and pay for all the advertising and marketing), which is owned by Comcast, the biggest multi media conglomerate in the world.

Everyone has heard of the actual media product e.g. a film like Jurassic World or a television programme like The Simpsons but not many people know who the companies are behind them. The Simpsons is an animated comedy produced by Fox TV and owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, which is owned by News Corp. who rebranded in 2013 as 21st Century Fox!

While you are asking yourself, what is all this about? Ownership, Control and Finance is one section of this exam.

Key Points

  • This exam is worth 20% of the overall 4 unit GCSE award.
  • The exam is normally a week or so after Unit 1 e.g. in 2016 Unit 1: Investigating the Media (Science Fiction) is on 24th May while Unit 3: Exploring Media Industries is on 6th June.
  • The exam is 1.5 hours long with 10 short answer questions in Section A worth 2 and 4 marks and 4 questions worth 5 marks with one worth 10 marks in Section B. Section B questions are based on an Insert (a separate stimulus you get in the exam).
  • They might be short answer questions but you still need to know a lot of information about two media industries that you choose to study.

You may have guessed this resource is going to focus on the Newspaper Industry (as part of Print and Electronic Publishing) and the Film Industry from the above images.

As stated earlier, in preparation for this exam you study two media industries. You will see below the Section A...

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