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AQA GCSE Media Studies TV News D/C Grade Exemplar

Rob Miller | Friday October 31, 2014

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Hot Entries, News, More on News, Staffroom, Exemplar Materials

Task 1

Audience research suggests the target audience of TV News is changing because:

  • news is available on a range of different platforms and in different media.
  • there is increasingly a need to entertain a target audience as well as inform them.
  • multi-channel television means there is a broad range of competition.

Why do you think TV News struggles to reach its audience? Give examples to support your views.

(15 marks)

I don’t watch TV News myself but I know a lot of people that do (don’t start an exam response in such a negative way). It’s mainly older audiences that watch TV News as it is not particularly interesting or entertaining – on BBC News 24 the presenters wear suits and are very formal in the way they talk to the audience (the pupil/student is ‘getting there’ with a basic understanding of demographics but needs to use more media language e.g. ‘mode of address’, ‘conventions’ and identify more examples of news programmes to support the points that have been made).

News is available on a range of different platforms and this makes it harder for TV News to reach its audience. I tend to be interested in entertainment and sports news and you get more of this online – the only TV channel I think a lot of young people watch is the E! channel and Sky Sports. Sometimes, if the news is on television I might sometimes hear a story I understand or am interested in. There is a lot of politics and stories about events from around the world. (Again, an emerging attempt is apparent here to engage with the question by basing a response on one of the points given above. What would help would be more concrete examples of alternative news platforms e.g. apps, websites, news available immediately via social networking feeds such as Twitter and Facebook but also blogs – the pupil/student may talk about news alerts he/she has received on their phone without identifying the more advanced term ‘citizen journalism’ . At...

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