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AQA GCSE Media Studies Serial Drama Preliminary Material

Barry Rainsford | Tuesday January 26, 2016

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Television, Serial Drama

Edusites Practice Examination Task

AQA Unit 1: Investigating the Media

Serial TV Drama

Summer 2018

Preliminary Material

Notice to candidates

The following brief has been issued to help you prepare for the examination in Unit 1 Investigating the Media.

This is practice for the material that will be released to you in April by AQA.

You will find that the Edusites AQA TV Serial Drama Unit will offer a great deal of help and support with preparing you for the examination.

This Mock Exam Material is designed to offer you a chance to practice the skills and ideas required of you in the final examination in May.

  • You are advised to read this material carefully and use it to guide your preparation.
  • This Preliminary Material takes the form of a brief. In the examination, you will be expected to respond in role to this brief.
  • In the examination, you will be asked to complete four tasks.

Guidance for the examination:

You will need to use the knowledge and understanding you have gained of TV Serial Drama.

  • You should take coloured pencils, fine liners and a ruler into the examination and use these where appropriate.
  • You may make sketches and diagrams to help develop your answers where appropriate.
  • You are not allowed to take this copy of the Preliminary Material or any notes with you into the examination.
  • A new copy of this Preliminary Material will be included with the examination paper.


We are an independent production house currently working on the development of a new serial drama to be offered to UK TV channels. We need ideas finalised by summer 2018 for scripting and filming in 2019 with broadcast in Spring 2020.

At Bluesky we are committed to developing a TV serial drama that will offer a modern take on one of the more popular existing genre formats. After extensive consultation, our thinking is that it should be in one of the formats listed below where we have three proposed outlines submitted for our team to...

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