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AQA GCSE Media Studies Science Fiction Films Teaching Guide

Barry Rainsford | Monday April 11, 2016

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Film, Science Fiction

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This guide is intended to supplement the Resource Pack, Student Workbook, Appendix and Glossary (see above) as part of Edusites Media’s support for the teaching of this AQA Media Studies Unit 1 examination unit. The resource pack and this guide cover 16 sessions or 4 weeks of study. If time is short, some of the sessions in each section can be covered more quickly by omitting some of the practical tasks and setting these for homework/revision or study leave as they are detailed in the student workbooks.

Teaching This Unit

The timescale for this work is timed at 16 one-hour sessions over a four-week period covering the first half of the summer term prior to the release of the AQA brief. The three elements – Resource Pack, Student Workbook (including the Appendix and Glossary) and this Teaching Guide – are designed to work together, with the teacher leading the sessions and presenting the learning resources and the students using the workbooks to supplement the lessons. If time is short and you do not have the 16 hours, then some of the practical tasks can be trimmed and set as homework or revision to be completed during study leave as the necessary proforma (and student guidance) are in the workbook. The workbook also contains self-study tasks for the students to help with their preparation for the unit 1 examination.

We are assuming that students have covered the basic ideas in their work over the course – the Key Media Concepts and the meta-concepts of giving a basic understanding of the notion of genre, narrative, etc. We also assume that students have experience of constructing their own media products, analysing those of professional institutions and writing...

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