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AQA GCSE External Assessment Mock on Action Adventure Films KLN

Keith Langton | Tuesday January 11, 2011

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Film, Action Adventure, Hot Entries

Associated Resources

CA 2011 Action Adventure Mock Preliminary Letter v2.doc
CA 2011 Action Adventure Mock Exam Paper v2.doc

Understanding Storyboarding

Storyboarding is often required as a key production skill in the exam. Make sure you practise your storyboarding skills just in case it crops up again.

External Assessment Mock Exam Preliminary Letter

Action Films Inc.
Dynamic Street
AH44 00O






Action Adventure Films | What Makes You Tick?

At Action Films Inc. we have a proven track record of researching and producing ideas for the major film studios. Many of the large film studios come to us for our specialist knowledge of the film industry and our proven track-record of producing successful film ideas.

We feel that recent Hollywood Blockbuster Action Adventure films have become rather ordinary in recent years. Although many recent Action Adventure films have had huge budgets and impressive special effects, at Action Films Inc., we feel that often the story gets lost and the audience is looking for something more.

This is why we are asking you for your ideas: what makes you tick? We have approached a number of focus groups to identify how different types of audience react to our ideas. We are particularly interested in the films that you have studied for your research and your ideas about the future of the genre.

It may be that your ideas will require specific certification and distribution. If this is the case, please explain.

We would like to receive your responses in two parts:

1. Ideas with supporting examples and explanation.

2. A mock-up which illustrates how your ideas will be executed.

You have 4 weeks to prepare. Remember to:

  • keep your responses short and focused
  • use diagrams / illustrations where appropriate
  • provide examples where you can to support your ideas

All responses will be considered. The most popular pitch will be produced as a trailer for a new film.

We look...

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