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AQA Controlled Test Quiz Shows Mock Exam Paper Grade Descriptors

Keith Langton | Friday August 21, 2009

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, Other Topics, Quiz Shows, Staffroom, Mocks

A Grade

An A / A* grade student will have realised how the history of television forms and influences the current programmes being broadcast at present. They will have a comprehensive knowledge of some significant quiz shows and the way in which the genre has developed over the years and will have considered possible developments in the future of broadcasting.

There will be clear evidence that ethical considerations and issues will have been discussed and some conclusions will have been offered.

Students will be able to demonstrate analytical techniques and critical vocabulary to explain the significant stages of genre development. Technical and media language will be used in a confident and sophisticated way to explain the underpinning concepts of television broadcasting.

Production work will be of a highly skilled nature showing clear evidence of pre-planning and also demonstrate confidence in the techniques appropriate to convention and genre.

There will probably be a high sense of organisation with tasks clearly numbered and demarcated. All tasks will be answered and sub-sections dealt with possibly at length.

Written communication will show a precise and accurate use of language.

C Grade

A C grade student will demonstrate a broad knowledge of the history and the conventions of the genre. There will be evidence of some historical research and comparison to current television programmes. Students should be demonstrating that they have considered some of the ethical issues and debates which surround current broadcasting of television quiz shows. There may be some evidence of thoughts considering the future of the genre and possible developments.

Some use of appropriate media and technical language will be apparent and a good awareness of the role of the Key Concepts in this area – the majority of discussion will probably concern Audience and Conventions, but they may be some discussion of Representation and an awareness of...

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