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AQA Controlled Test Quiz Shows Mock Exam Jan Radnedge

palmersa | Wednesday June 24, 2009

Categories: GCSE, A Level, AQA A Level, Other Topics, Quiz Shows, Staffroom, Mocks

This is a prepared exam. This means that you have two weeks to research and prepare your answers. You will then have 1 ½ hours to carry out the tasks under supervision.  You will NOT be allowed to take any notes into the exam but you should make sure that you have pencils, colours, ruler, sharpener, eraser, highlighter, etc.

This is a 2-question mock exam. The real AQA GCSE Media Studies Controlled Test will have 4 tasks for you to complete.

Dear Media Student,

Quiz shows are great for bringing in extra viewers but how can we keep coming up with new exciting ideas?  We’ve decided that we can’t so our next project is to revive an old, successful format and give it a modern twist.  That’s where you come in!

We think that you are the person for the job but we need to know for sure so your brief is in two parts.  First you must show us that you understand the genre and then give us some creative ideas of how to take an old idea and make it a success in 2008.

Follow the instructions below.


Task One

Compare and contrast two current quiz shows.  Comment on the key features such as questions, set design, technical effects, presenters, contestants, prizes, audiences and gimmicks/catchphrases.

Task Two

You are invited to create the basis for a new quiz show based on an old format. 

Describe and explain the following features:

  • The show’s name
  • A sample question or two
  • The format of the show
  • The intended target audience
  • Scheduling, both channel and time
  • Draw the set for the new show indicating the position of host, contestants and audience.  Show any technical effects or other unique features.
  • Finally, tell us what you would change or add to the original version to make it appeal to the modern day audiences.

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