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AQA Controlled Test Quiz Shows Mock Exam Higher Paper

Keith Langton | Friday August 21, 2009

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, Other Topics, Quiz Shows, Staffroom, Mocks

CT2009: TV Quiz ShowsMock exam paperHIGHER
Question 1History and Research
Question 2Key Concepts
Question 3Production Tasks
Question 4Evaluation / The Future

Question 1 – Describe the key conventions of the television quiz show. (25 marks)

You should discuss:
i) the Host (KC=ML/C)
ii) the contestants and how they are selected (KC=R)
iii) the questions that are asked / the rounds or structure of the show (KC=ML/C)
iv) the studio setting and (KC=ML/C)
v) the prizes that are offered. (KC=I)
Use TWO different quiz shows to demonstrate and explain your answers – the quiz shows that you discuss may be current or from a past period of television. (KC=ML/C)

Question 2 – Discuss the use of the phone-in or internet audience participation in quiz shows. (25 marks)

i) What issues are raised by the use of participation of an audience outside the television studio? (KC=I, A)
ii) What are the ADVANTAGES for a television producer and what are the DISADVANTAGES of such participation? (KC=I, A)
iii) You may wish to discuss the ethics of phone-ins and recent issues that have been in the news regarding the use of audience interaction.  (KC=I)

For Question 3, there are TWO tasks - You should complete BOTH tasks . (25 marks)

Please read the introductory letter at the beginning of the exam paper for the details of this task.
You should pay particular attention to the Target Audience and the format of you new quiz show.

Question 3a - You should outline using notes and illustrations: (KC=ML/C)

i) the title of the show and a logo to advertise it
ii) the format of the show including the type of questions and rounds, etc.
iii) the design of the studio set and the Host of the show
iv) the prizes or rewards offered to the winners
v) the lighting, music and sound effects, etc.

You should draw / design – the show’s title logo and the studio set including the positioning of cameras and lighting and the audience as best...

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