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AQA Controlled Test Marking The Quiz Shows Mock Exam

Keith Langton | Friday August 21, 2009

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, Other Topics, Quiz Shows, Staffroom, Mocks

I have tried to break down the marking for each question for those people who need guidance on the value of individual bullet points / questions.

Most of the bullet points / questions I expect will be rolled together into one answer and so, as with much GCSE Media Studies marking, I would be thinking about marking the answers holistically – have a look at the table of marks out of 25 where I have suggested that a little bit either side of 50% should be good enough for a C grade.

I would suggest that the Higher paper should be marked with the full range of grades unless you feel that your students would benefit from the severity of cutting off the grades at D.

Remember each of the four questions has 25 marks.

Question 1

Higher and Foundation: five bullet points, award a maximum of 5 marks for each.

Question 2

Higher: three bullet points, marks 7,8 and 10.

Foundation: four bullet points, marks 3,4,9 and 9

Question 3

Higher and Foundation:

Part a = 15 marks (3 marks for each bullet point)
Part b = 10 marks (i&ii 4 marks each, iii = 2 marks)

Question 4

Higher: four bullet points: i,ii and iii 6 = marks each, iv = 7 marks (higher level thinking)

Foundation: six bullet points: i-v = 4 marks each, vi = 5 marks (higher level thinking)

Don’t get hung up on small marks for bullet points – if you feel that a question has reached a C grade, then work out an appropriate number and then see if you can work backwards to award that number of marks.

Mark nicely – always try to be generous rather than harsh. Remember, for some of the Foundation students, this may be their only chance of getting a C grade at GCSE!

MarkGrade Mark Grade 25A* 9D+ 24A* 8D      7D   23A+ 6D - 22A      21A- 5E+    4E   20B+ 3E  - 19B+    18B   2F   17B-  1F   16B-       0U   15C+    14C+    13C      12C      11C-    10C-   

Kindly contributed by Keith Langton


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