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AQA AS Unit 2: MEST2 Creating Media 2015 Brief Three

Rob Miller | Wednesday September 17, 2014

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA AS, Hot Entries, Music, Music Video, New Media, Digital Media, Production Zone, Video Production

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Associated Resources

  • AQA Brief Three Questionnaire Example.docx
  • AQA Storyboard Frame Sheet and Storyboard Example.docx
  • Call Sheet Template.xls

The whole point of AQA AS Media Studies coursework is that students will be working to set briefs produced by AQA that are changed every two years – for 2015 assessment there are three briefs, this guide relates to brief three which we will call:

“Producing Promotional Materials for a Band/Music Artist”

On the brief there are three ‘tasks’ reflecting three different media – Broadcasting, Print and E Media. For purposes of assessment, students only need to complete two linked tasks but they must evidence two media platforms. This guide will be focusing on:

  • Broadcasting – creating a two-minute promotional music video.
  • Print – creating a newsletter for the band/artist’s fans.

Full guidance is available on AQA’s A Level Media Studies website, while the actual briefs themselves are available here.

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Stunts Will be Engaging with and Assessed on:

  • Research (into both production areas)
  • Pre Production (for both production areas)
  • Productions x 2 – Music Video and Newsletter
  • Evaluation (of both production pieces with reference to both platforms, the third platform – e media, target audiences and relevant media concepts).

The research, pre production materials (detailed below), the production work and the evaluation need to be explicitly linked and demonstrate an understanding of Media Studies concepts. Only one production can be group work (max - 4 per group).

See below Brief Three – this guide will then continue explaining the assessment of the unit before detailing in depth how to approach responding to the Brief:

“You have connections with a local band/artist who is achieving some success playing live but is not signed to a record label. The band/artist currently controls their own promotion and marketing as well as the...

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