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AQA AS Media Studies | MEST2 Advice

Caroline Bagshaw | Monday March 07, 2011

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA AS, Hot Entries

This advice is intended to help colleagues when supporting their students for MEST2.

Of course, the AQA specification has details which you and your students will need to be familiar with; the briefs themselves are fairly detailed and there is additional information in the Teachers’ Resource Banks for this unit.  Each centre also has its own coursework advisor, (details available from the Media dept at AQA). 

Moderators are always reminded that their job is to support a centre’s marks wherever possible, so it’s a good idea to include plenty of annotation on work so that your moderator can see where marks were awarded.  Also, if students have collaborated on part of the production, it helps the moderator to know whether they’ve all been rewarded equally for this element, or whether some put in more to the success of the production than others and have therefore been given more marks for it.

Pre-production research: Magazines

Encourage students to research institutions and audiences in detail, quoting their sources.  For example, rather than making sweeping, uniformed statements about the audience of a particular magazine, some research on the magazine’s own website and/or in their media pack will give their audience profiles.

Also, has some free content, including audience breakdown of newspapers and magazines by age, gender and socio-economic group.  Tesco’s website under Clubcard Rewards, (no, really!) includes some popular magazines with detailed profiles of the audience they are aimed at, so it’s also well worth students researching and quoting.  If nothing else, Wikipedia has information on target audiences for all of the main magazines!

Production: Magazines

The coursework criteria suggests 2 or 3 A4 pages for each piece, so it is unlikely that products which are only one A4 page will be “fit for purpose”. 

Brief One requires candidates to produce promotional products for a new TV programme:...

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