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AQA AS Media Studies | MEST1 Advice

Caroline Bagshaw | Monday July 04, 2011

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA AS, Hot Entries, New Media, Synergy

AS Case Study Example

Film / broadcast fiction over three platforms, moving image, print and emedia

  • Students will do significantly better if they use their own, rather than teacher-taught material.
  • A case study is not just one product. The case study is an investigation of the area you have chosen to study (sport / music / lifestyle) and will include a wide range of products from the three platforms, moving image, print and emedia.
  • Questions often focus on audience participation, and the benefits of this to both audience and producer.

The following focuses on the case study topic area of Film / Broadcast Fiction.

To start the case study, we “teach? one film; we teach Dark Knight (2008), purposely choosing an older text to encourage students not to rely too heavily on the taught film in their exam responses.  The point here is to get students to follow our lead and research similar material, but for two more up-to-date films of their own.  The best films to do are those which are in the process of being released so that the students can keep a look out for promotional material across the three platforms, (print, e-media and moving image).

Moving Image

We take two or three weeks on Dark Knight.  The focus is on how and where the film is promoted (across the platforms) to different audiences.  So we look at what is out there and always link it to the audience segment(s) it’s aimed at. 

We start by brainstorming where you might see a film promoted, in print, moving image and e-media and in very general terms, the different audiences these reach (eg. in print, Total Film assumes an audience very interested in how films are made etc; The Times might pick up on a more political element of a film (Invictus for eg.) whereas a woman’s magazine might have a story about the star’s personal lives….) Letting the pupils give lots of examples here, from current films on release in particular and promotions they have been exposed to for...

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