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AQA AS Media Studies Argo Transition Unit for Year 12 into Year 13

rlsmedia | Monday June 03, 2013

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA A2, AQA AS, Hot Entries, Staffroom

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This Unit aims to provide clear guidance for AS students continuing with Media Studies after returning from study leave in the summer. The aim is to introduce some of the main concepts and also theories to help students build a solid foundation from which they can build on in A2 in terms of their coursework.

It is always useful to first start off with outlining for pupils what the next phase of their learning will look like, and what they will need to consider at A2.

To start off with it might be useful to outline the specification and what pupils need to consider first.

Introduction (AQA Spec, 2013)

In this synoptic unit candidates will build on their skills from AS study to investigate a media theme/text in more depth and realise a production piece reflecting this research. (Please note that the production piece does not need to be clearly linked – it can be inspired by the research candidates do) The unit has two sections:

  1. Critical Investigation (48 marks)
  2. Linked Production Piece (32 marks)

Candidates will research and produce one critical investigation and one linked/inspired production. The unit is holistic so the link between the two elements must be evident and appropriate. (It is often a useful thing to do when pupils are doing their production to encourage them to write a short summary of how it was inspired by their research. It helps the examiner and the moderator to have a clear understanding of what the thinking was when the items were produced.) At AS level candidates undertake production work and apply media concepts and debates to a range of media texts. At A2 it is expected that they will be able to synthesise theory and production and consider relevant cross-cultural factors and the effects of globalisation on the media as appropriate.

Assessment Objectives

  • AO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of media concepts, contexts and critical debates
  • AO3: Demonstrate the...

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